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What Clients say


It felt as though the most beautiful singing bowl with the loveliest tones was resonating on my body.

Upon first listen, I was deeply moved and my body responded strongly. Tears formed in my eyes due to these profoundly resonant vibrations. It felt as though the most beautiful singing bowl with the loveliest tones was resonating on my body. The vibration I perceive is that of a ruler or queen. I sense a great deal of wisdom and femininity. It is the energy of the primal woman - the image of the Venus of Willendorf appears within me. Primordial strength, wisdom, femininity. I enjoy how Inés' voice makes all of this accessible. She carries the energies so clearly into my system, where they can have an effect. Absolute recommendation!

Inge Rehak

Lila Blume

Basma Jabr

Before our work I sang like a good girl. Now I sing like a wild woman.


I have opened up more. I feel more energy and light inside of me. I sing with more emotion. I sing with soul.


Christian Heredia

You have managed to help me achieve results in a very short time. You inspire me with your zest for life. You are so grounded. Not a "wannabe" esoteric type. In your presence, I can feel how amazing I am.

Lila Blume

Katharina Meissner

You manage to bring out entirely new facets and hidden potentials within me time and time again. My communication has also changed. Confident and honest with myself, I say what I think.

I also find it particularly remarkable that you always know what I need and what is good for me... incredibly healing.

Marina Kanke Profilbild_edited.jpg

She has a gift of feeling and reading you through your voice.


Working with Inés is a unique experience. She has a gift of feeling and reading you through your voice. She manages to present hidden beliefs, conditioning and experiences in a gentle way, so that old patterns can be released effectively and yet gently.


I felt supported, safe and guided throughout the whole process. In just one session, she gave my voice more strength and stability while dissolving beliefs and giving me an empowering new understanding of myself

Marina Kanke

Leaf Pattern Design

I feel the feminine forces within me very strongly, which we have activated. I feel as though no one can stand in my way. There is a positive anger within me that no longer tolerates injustices in this world. I refuse to be taken advantage of anymore.


My life is now also happier, more colorful, WILDER! I am now living for myself. Your work is very effective and impressive.​

Debora Kosa

Leaf Pattern Design

I love to touch and be touched with all of our being. And that is what was so incredibly beautiful and lovingly achieved this evening. I was allowed to awaken as a Bodhisattva in a jade water. From this feeling of security and 'simply being,' my intuitive wisdom is allowed to grow, and all further steps will fall into place. I am enjoying my inner peace."


Mag. Claudia Zeyda-Hobik

— Name, Titel

2021-12-21 19.23.28.jpg

What you experience with her is holistic healing.


Inés way of teaching is really something very special. What you experience with her is holistic healing. Voice work as an expression of the soul, which also helps me in my life. I was able to look at and heal many wounds.


Now the singing techniques are much better. Before, I would not have been so free if we had just done voice exercises. And Inés knows and feels that very well.

Sandra Schider

Lila Blume

Jenny Gessler

You have a really intense sensitivity. Based on my voice, you noticed what issues I have and what I am resisting. I gained so many insights.

Inés helps you express your true being with your voice, so that you can communicate your wisdom and truths effectively and at the same time find yourself!


Heidi Pöcksteiner

That's it. I remember. I had just forgotten it. God, I was so far away from myself. The tension is gone. The pressure is gone. Something has awakened within me. My inner heroine has awakened. I suddenly feel like a leading figure in a mystical, historically significant life story. I feel something grand within me. 

Lila Blume
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-04 at 9.34.28 AM.jpeg

Zita Martus

In her work, my clairvoyance becomes tangible.


Furthermore, she anchors your inner vision in your life and reminds you how you can live your VOICE much more freely and take your place on earth.


The empathetic and empowering way in which Inés leads the session is brilliant!

I just listened to the recording of your healing chant again, incredibly, what it does to me. I immediately connect with my light body, and it feels like coming home. Particularly impressive for me was that I felt my 'new self' next to me. After the session, I immediately put a chair there and sat down, feeling all the positive and healing attributes within me.

The empathetic and empowering way in which Inés leads the session is brilliant! She always met me where it was needed. I felt challenged, but not overwhelmed. She senses the energies that are present and manages to convey them clearly and understandably. The magic is still working, and the singing resonates - so beautiful and touching.

Gerlinde Rausch

Leaf Pattern Design

"The session yesterday with you was woooonderful, you were so calm, I found that soooo pleasant. I enjoy myself so much when singing. I sing and flourish with it. I left feeling totally strengthened. With all my gifts from the spiritual world. I had a strong and uplifting feeling. It lifted me up inside. I am always amazed at how colorful and almost imaginative my journeys are, and I take away a lot of impressions, feelings, and strength."

Alexandra Neumann

Leaf Pattern Design

"I sincerely thank you for being so persistent and believing in me. With your intuitive and empathetic work, you opened the door to my vocal space. Doubts and inner blockages were transformed, and my voice was uncovered. As a result, I discovered sounds within me that I never thought possible. That touches me deeply. Something significant would have been missing in my life.

You also continue to surprise me with your artistic, multifaceted touch. It is truly a delight to work with you. You are a wonderful, authentic, intuitive, and beautiful, charismatic woman. I look forward to many more collaborative hours with you!"

Heike Kolles

— Name, Titel


Inés can touch you with her voice, take you along, and initiate healing processes.

For me, it was a very special session. Never before could I sing along, listen, and be carried along so freely. Your voice is so powerful and reflected my inner processes. You met me where I was. I felt so embraced and guided. So arrived, so understood. I thank you for guiding me so wonderfully through the session with singing and channeling. As a result, new topics came to light that I can now work on.


Inés can connect with you in the shortest amount of time. She can perceive where you are, how you are feeling, and what issues you are dealing with. Inés can touch you with her voice, take you along, and initiate healing processes if you allow yourself to. And all this with an incredibly strong presence.

Elvira Wiest

Lila Blume

Marina Kaiser

You have inspired me to seek my inner voice and to dare to sing again. A dream that I had given up on has awakened through your loving guidance and deep intuition.

The session with Inés was not only highly professionally conducted, it was a revelation, healing work, working with light and shadow. She has magical powers to inspire us and bring us home, into our own strength, to our own source. Her strength and clear presence immediately spoke to me and impressed me.


Johanna Döhler

The work with Inés is an exciting journey. A journey to oneself. A journey to the core and origin, with Inés as a wonderful companion.


Coaching with Inés creates depth, clarity, and new perspectives, allowing us to see and overcome life's obstacles in a new light.

Lila Blume

Magdalena Lisson

I am deeply touched by the Healing Chant that Inés created for me. Upon first listening, I had tears of emotion in my eyes. It felt as though the Chant directly resonates with what is happening in my life right now.

It is an incredible experience to listen to the chant repeatedly and feel myself connecting and growing with my personal greatness. Thank you so much, dear Inés, for this wonderful gift.


You have a huge gift with your intuition

The journey was so beautiful! One wants to surrender into your gentle voice, like a warming blanket. And indeed, it did... it warmed me. Before, I wasn't really looking forward to it. My mind was elsewhere. But then, I quickly sank deeper and deeper into this beautiful soft cloud that you created for us.

You have a huge gift with your intuition, your visual inspirations, and all your knowledge. Your clarifying support, your gentle voice, your touching words, and your loving energy encouraged and strengthened me on my path.

Sabine Stoiber

Leaf Pattern Design

"II felt very safe and comfortable with Inés - there was an immediate sense of trust. We resolved a trauma.


I feel that something has changed. I also notice during yoga that it is really easier for me to breathe now - really great, what a difference just this one session has made.“

Lisa de Pasqualin

Leaf Pattern Design

"Very, very sensitive. I am amazed at how quickly you tune into the emotions and topics, leading me into my visual world. Immediately a field was created. It's as if I'm sitting in a heartwarming room. You seem like a tracker, reading the traces in my soul landscape, recognizing the imprints, and uncovering the primal blockage. I am also amazed at how quickly you can switch themes. If the path isn't working, if the energy becomes too heavy, you change direction but keep the energy and continue to work with it. Suddenly my heart opened and my body was flooded with energy. The cough is gone. The energy is now soft."


Florian Huppmann


It feels like a big stone has been set in motion.

It feels like a big stone has been set in motion. I recognize what I can do to find my highest vision. I also notice how much easier and with much more joy and clarity I now step into visibility. Your work is very empathetic, intuitive, and empowering. The impact goes deep and is very powerful, reaching what feels like the cellular level.

What I particularly liked was your warm, cheerful demeanor and depth that you bring. I always felt so well met by you. I find your questions and channelings very valuable. The womb session was incredibly powerful.


Lisa Putz

Lila Blume

Katrin Langowski

I thank you for my wonderful Healing Chant. I listen to it almost every day and each time it tingles in my root chakra... have a beautiful voice that deeply touches me, the chants you received for me feel very harmonious and familiar.


Joel Schade

I especially appreciated that we went so deep and identified a deeper issue that had been blocking me, and then worked on it directly. Also, that you helped me to better hear my inner voice and create inner clarity.

I have all the time in the world. It's such a beautiful feeling. I can relax. That also relieves the pressure. I don't have to do something out of pressure. I can do it in my own rhythm, the way I want to.

Lila Blume
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-07 at 7.33.18 AM.jpeg

Svetlana Piskoro

Working with Inés is like tuning my instrument.

Afterward, I feel clear and empowered. I know my next step.


It's not at all about 'superficial' voice coaching.

It was absolutely wonderful and completely different than I expected. With you, it's not at all about 'superficial' voice coaching. You're like a magical voice detector to me - like a voice detector that can gently detect the frequency of my soul's voice. You have a wonderfully sensitive, intuitive way of connecting me deeper with my soul's voice or uncovering it. Your incredible intuition creates such a deep and magical connection.

I can wholeheartedly recommend a session with you to anyone. Anyone who is on the path to themselves, to their true essence (even if they don't want to work on their voice specifically or have the focus on it), will have goosebump moments and gain new profound insights into their soul essence in connection with their voice and their unique frequency, just in one session with you.

Isabell Gutberlet

Leaf Pattern Design

It is truly is about voice empowerment in a holistic sense. It goes far beyond mere technical training. Every aspect of my voice was brought to life, activating my full expressive potential. It allowed me to approach my heart's voice. I felt how my voice changed and how it affected my entire presence.

Renate Frech

Leaf Pattern Design

"I feel the queen within me. I feel my actions. This is amazing. It's done now. It's on its way. Because of your impulse, I stepped into the queen. It immediately elevated me to a high status. Before, I was in a low status. Now my spine has straightened by three vertebrae. You also uncovered an expression blockage within me. The conflict is no longer there. When you voiced it, something opened up. That blockage... that shyness is gone. I now look forward to having personal conversations with people. My heart is joyful and light. You've resolved something."

Anna Heyberg

2022-04-15 12.55.53.jpg

It was beautiful to dive into this sacred space.


You have a wonderful gift, and it was beautiful to dive into this sacred space with you. Through your support, I was able to understand and resolve so much on a deeper level, which was previously hindered. With great sensitivity and inner guidance, you accompanied me through the entire process so that I could completely let go.

Inés takes you on a journey to places that will surprise you, where you will discover and activate yourself, your voice, and your expression in new ways. It's a magical journey to your individual expression.

Magdalene Kraemer

Lila Blume
2023-05-23 10.54.07.jpg

Esther Conter

From beginning to end, so harmonious and healing! A true safe space! You were allowed to be exactly as you are without any ifs or buts.

Inès' intuitive approach provides a sense of freedom and ease.


Everything can happen but doesn't have to. Flow state guaranteed!


Manu Scheffel

You are a true master in how you work. Very strong, motivating, creative, sensitive, humorous, you infect others with your power. Simply wonderful. I could feel a pleasant warmth in my heart and on my cheeks. I really worked up a sweat. How great you also addressed the issues for each individual. And all of this with so much charm and humor. With so much loving patience.


Previously, I felt drained and sad. Afterwards, I felt strengthened, refreshed, and full of energy. You held our femininity in high regard.

Lila Blume
2022-05-12 12.02.53.jpg


Her teaching touched me deeply. With her warm and heartfelt approach, one can let go without hesitation and trust her. I felt like she was looking into my soul as she listened to me and connected me with my voice.

She brought me clos

er to my own truth in my voice and inspired me to continue on the path I truly desire. I truly believe she can inspire true greatness in every person.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-27 at 8.41.00 AM.jpeg

As if Pacha Mama herself is communicating with me ...


Transcendental is the first word that comes to mind. There is a primal force that came through, which I have never heard or experienced live with anyone before... as if Pacha Mama herself is communicating with me and through her, all the ancestors.

With Inés, you embark on a wonderful, vivid journey into the depths of your soul. Her intuitive approach, combined with her beautiful, healing singing, feels like magic. I feel wonderfully clear, safe, and understood.

Amira Mahmoud

Leaf Pattern Design

"I finally have more structure now. Sometimes I also need a kick in the ass, which was necessary, so suddenly everything is flowing. And it's already flowing..."


Martina Gogl

Leaf Pattern Design

"I was preparing for a very important job interview and wasn't quite sure how to answer some of the questions. When I told Inés some of my prepared answers, she simply said that I didn't sound authentic at all, and that it didn't reflect my true self.

Inés is extremely empathetic and authentic. She gets straight to the point. Within a short amount of time, I know why I am blocked. She always asks the right questions. She consistently manages to get to our true essence, to name the things that slumber deep within us and only need to be awakened. She showed me that through all my experiences, I already possess everything necessary for this job and helped me believe in myself again. By the way, I got the job."

Verena Kallab

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