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"Finding your voice, means finding yourself. Your sound, your expression, your destiny."

Hi, I'm Inés

Founder of Voice Empowerment, medium, singer. I love doing, what fulfills me every day while also inspiring and empowering others. Even as a young girl, I dreamed of being a teacher and saw myself singing on stage. 


My holistic, intuitive approach:

Voice Empowerment is a profound, versatile voice and energy work, integrating vocal exercises, energetic healing tools, and channeling. Among the tools used are: Intuitive dialogue, releasing soul blockages, working with archetypes, archetypal sounds and healing sounds, working with energy fields, sensing body impulses, distance healings and energy transmissions, manifestation techniques.

My work goes far beyond enhancing vocal skills. When I speak of 'voice,' I refer not only to the physical voice but also to your inner voice, the voice of your soul expressing your deepest values, talents, and emotions. It's about recognizing and strengthening your inner voice and aligning it with your vocal expression. This can lead to deeper expression, more authenticity and charisma, and a life in harmony with your destiny.

In this process, I work intuitively, energetically, and solution-oriented, also translating frequencies into the language of sounds through Intuitive Vocal Toning, healing chants, and light language. Powerful healing processes are initiated if you desire.

I firmly believe that we are all powerful creators of our own reality.


Healing can be fun.

Growth can be fun.

Success can be fun.

Your own voice is a magical, powerful tool to channel energies and unfold your soul's expression.

Originally from Vienna, I currently reside in ancient Greece. Since 2006, I've been helping people discover their true voices and express themselves in their full, radiant greatness. It all started as a voice coach and singer, and over time, I discovered my energetic sensitivity, psychic abilities, and my passion for life coaching, energy work, and personal development. I soon realized how crucial the voice is in the process of self-empowerment and self-unfoldment, leading to the birth of my versatile and profound Voice Empowerment Energy Work. My values are humanity, authenticity, and self-determination. My vision is a world where freedom, self-expression, prosperity, and health are the norm.


One of my greatest challenges was feeling lost and unhappy, not knowing my path. I struggled with my sensitivity and wounds of rejection. However, amidst it all, I could always hear my inner voice continuously whispering, 'I want to sing. I want to express myself creatively.' Eventually, I overcame my resistance and embraced this path. The first singing lesson ignited an intense process of transformation. I soon realized that my longing to sing was a deep desire to bring my soul to sing and to be completely myself. I discovered voice and energy work as a means to continuously and permanently improve my life. I decided to dedicate myself to the unfolding of my true voice for a lifetime.

The more I opened myself to my inner and outer voice, the more I remembered who I truly am. My passions ignited, and an intense journey of self-remembering and self-unfolding began. You can find more about my certifications here.


I see myself as a warm-hearted woman and leader, full of depth, love, and passion. I love expressing myself creatively through singing, writing, and dance, engaging in deep conversations, taking walks with my dog Angelito, and immersing myself in inspiring films, podcasts, and everything related to spiritual and personal development. The world of theater and archetypes fascinates me. There, I can be anything and let my voice run free.

I also know that I come from the stars. I'm here to empower you, ease your process, and inspire you to dream big. I'm here to remind you of how important and desired you and your voice are.



Why are you here? What do you want to express and create?

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