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Private Sessions with Inés

Empower your Voice and Life

Online on Zoom

Want to Discover Your True Voice?
Fully Unleash Your Creativity?

After more than 20 years of working with mediums, healers, coaches, and artists, I have developed a very keen sense of what you need and what smallest change makes the difference. We quickly get to the heart of the matter and find the best solution for you.


If you're looking to enhance your vocal and expressive power, deeply touch people, live a free, creative and self-empowered life of abundance and ease, are passionate about personal and spiritual transformation, then you're in the right place!

Let us awaken your creative potential.

Discover your true voice.

Be a voice, not just an echo.

Your Voice,  Your Expression, Your Themes

All your topics are welcome. Here are some examples to give you a feel:


Voice & Purpose- Finding your voice in life:
Clarifying your life goals, mastering transitions, activating potentials and resources, manifesting heartfelt desires.


Self-Love, Self-Expression and Self-Determination:
as the foundation for a healthy self-esteem and personal growth


Speaking, singing, performing with charisma and expressiveness in harmony with your soul frequency , touching, motivating, and inspiring people.

Bringing Your Voice into the World:
Increasing visibility through podcasting, blogging, and more.


Radiating in Your Feminine, Sensual Power:
Confidently presenting yourself, resting within yourself, standing true to yourself, trusting your intuition, etc.

Ignite your inner fire.

Fill the space with your radiant greatness


Wow, did we do all this in one session?!! I could feel the energetic shifts immediately. I feel a new power.

It is also fascinating how you can access my world of thoughts. You are the most intuitive woman I know. You radiate feminine power.

Inés is a wonderfully magical and intuitive soul companion who can hear every subtle nuance in your voice and gently yet powerfully guides you through a transformation to your heart voice. I already understood in the first session even more clearly who I want to be on the big stage of life and what I want to bring to the world here. I am very grateful that there are people like Inés. They help us not only to develop our vocal potential, but also to find our full expression with our destiny. Thank you, dear Inés, for your patient and sensitive support. You are a gift

Asim Aliloski

Speaker & Coach

How I Can Support You:

My guidance is highly intuitive, energetic, and deep. I am a very empathetic listener and also listen to what is unspoken. You will experience a nurturing space where you can discover your true voice - internally and externally - with all its facets and fully immerse yourself in your process. Together, we explore and open your inner spaces and sounds.

I am here to empower, inspire, activate... simply to facilitate, enhance, and even accelerate your process if you wish. Your life energy starts to flow.

What my guidance includes:


Soul Readings:

I retrieve the information from your soul field for you. We find the answers to all your life themes and challenges. We identify the exact development steps and success strategies for you to live your heart's vision.


My energetic support:

I transmit healing, transformative energies, and activations to you. This happens through trance journeys, Intuitive Vocal Tonings, healing songs, work with colors, affirmations, light language, visualizations. If needed, I also channel your very individual voice exercises to you. Spatial distance plays no role in this.

Individually tailored exercises:

I have a broad knowledge in the areas of voice, acting, intuition, creativity, energy work, and personal development. I develop effective, everyday tools for you.

Experience a loving space of healing and transformation

A magical world of endless possibilities.


The session was the most intense transformation process I have ever experienced. My whole body reacted.

In the process, deep inner resistance came up, through which Inés guided me very skilfully. Through her questions, she allowed images to come to the surface that I had no idea about before. She has uncovered aspects of me that have long been deeply buried. All this is a great gift.

I felt very well held and safe the whole time. Her voice and presence is very soothing and I felt every minute that she knew exactly what she was doing.​

Linda Wawrzinek

Speaker & Coach

Possibilities of Working Together:

Online auf Zoom

1. Empower Your Voice And Life Channeling Sessions

(90-120 Minutes - €240)


We connect with the field of your soul to channel healing frequencies, pathways to solutions, and growth steps for your progress. A session typically lasts 90-120 minutes and lasts until we reach a good point.

(Included in the price: my preparation, online session with intensive preliminary discussion, recording of your session. Feel free to book a session here.

For the meeting, I kindly ask you to take some time beforehand to reflect on which topic is particularly important to you. This allows us to make the most of our time together and address your concerns specifically.

2. Going Deeper Packages: 3-6-9 Online Sessions

(3 sessions €660, 6 sessions €1200 and 9 sessions €1800 )


You want to go deeper and are ready for the next level of change? We continuously  raise your vibration. Your individual process of growth and development with tangible results emerges. Included in the package: Pre-session call, my preparation, online sessions (duration: 90-120 minutes, we don't watch the clock), tailored exercises, Email/WhatsApp sharing, recording of your sessions. I recommend scheduling sessions every 2 weeks for consistent progress, though a faster pace is also possible. Feel free to schedule a complimentary initial conversation with me if you're interested.


A Warm Invitation

Complimentary Cup of Tea Call

Are you curious about your radiant vocal and expressive potential?

I warmly invite you to a complimentary initial conversation. 

Healing, success and growth can be fun!

Do you want that too?

Feel free to write me!



True midwifery work!


I love your warmth, determination, and the clarity with which you have guided me through the processes. You know exactly what fits at the moment. Your intuition is simply brilliant. Gentle and giving space when needed, reinforcing, pushing, and assertive when I tried to avoid or evade. True midwifery work!

The process I have undergone is a miracle for me. It was a very powerful process with tangible results, inspiring channelings, inner journeys, powerful healing impulses, impressive images, and many practical tools. I truly feel like I have become a different person. I have experienced a deep, complete opening. Many inner sacred spaces have been unlocked within me. Something magical has been resolved. I feel strong and ready for my new life. I feel happy, very alive, and confident on my path. I experience much more freedom in everyday life.

In this, Inés' voice is a very special factor for me, having its own effect - I experienced it as her instrument with which she reached my soul core. I didn't know before that a voice itself could have such an impact.

Janna Steinberg-Simoneit


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