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Free Voice Empowerment Session

Discover Your True Voice

Monday, April, 8, 2024 (German group)
Tuesday, April 9, 2024 (English group)
8-10pm (Athens), Zoom

Are You Ready ...

... to unleash your true, inner voice and give your life a powerful direction? This Free Voice Empowerment Session provides insight into my versatile, transformative voice and energy work (a combination of meditations, vocal exercises & toning, channeling, tapping, etc.) Of course, there's also the opportunity to ask me questions and share your process with us.

The session is for you if you want to find or rediscover your voice, express yourself more freely and creatively, and experience more joy, flow, and well-being. In the meantime, healing, loving energies flow to you, and we receive inspiring messages. Additionally, I use my voice to channel sounds and healing songs for the group. Together, we create a healing field of infinite possibilities. Let your power, passion, fire, and the immense joy and fun of your own expression be ignited!

What you will experience and take away:

  • A soothing Voice & Body Warm Up to loosen your voice and body. 

  • How to harness the power of your voice and energy to deepen your spiritual connection, cleanse your aura, and enhance your presence, impact and expression.

  • Consciousness awareness of the voice of your heart, raising your vibration, increasing your self love and and self healing abilities

  • Channeled (also singing) messages, powerful affirmations, and tipps to support you on your journey. 

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Enthusiastic Voices


Gerlinde R.

The evening set so much in motion and was a great, well-guided session with many valuable, practical tools for everyday life. A wonderful internal cleansing, and I was amazed to find how I can connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky through my voice.


The evening empowered us to step into our power. I can feel the queen within me.


Elin P.

I like how fun it’s was and relaxed. And I really felt the healing afterwards, and how deep it went from something so simple as voice practice. Also loved my insights und how clear I felt about my nearest future.


Inés helps people to heal trough using their voice. Very intuitive approach and channeled sounds for healing and self-empowerment.


Asta L.

After the session, I felt so clear. I loved the flow. Everything comes in your way of working just as it's needed. I feel much more vibrant now, with 'fewer' walls and much more present.


It was a very inspiring, supportive, loving, interesting, and fun evening with very practical tools and concrete results in the end. Sometimes things can really be simple. It was amazing."

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