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What are the themes?


Here is an overview of the topics we can illuminate. These themes serve as inspiration and can of course be adapted individually. Maybe you just want to be surprised by what's inside you. AAll topics are welcome, both vocal and non-vocal.

Spiritual Themes:

"What is my truth? What is my purpose?"

​"I want to feel my soul voice better."

"I want to find my voice, for example as a speaker, singer, author, leader, goddess."

"What are my talents and gifts?"

"How do I become more creative and inspired?

"I lack the divine connection."

"I want to master the transition to a life of abundance."

"I feel a deep desire for more expression and creativity."

"I am interested in topics such as: Star Seeds, Twin Flames, Awakening, Language of Light."

"I want to make decisions more easily."


Vocal Themes: 

"I want to strengthen my voice"

"I want to bring more expression and feeling into my voice."

"I want to be a mouthpiece/singing channel."

"I want to express all my frequencies."

"I have a thin, low voice."

"There are situations where my voice breaks away."

"I feel a lump in my throat." 

"I often get hoarse."

"I can't get any further vocally."

"I've always wanted to discover my vocal potential."

Topics communication and appearance:

 "I want to touch people deeply."

"I want to deal confidently with negative, toxic people."

"I don't feel heard and understood."

"I find it difficult to show my feelings or to approach people."

"I don't come across the way I want to."

"I hold myself back all the time."

"I don't dare to show my voice fully."

"It's hard for me to say no or to stand by myself."

"I can't express myself well."

"What is my message?"

"I'm not actually a stage person."

"I have stage fright."


Be A Strong Voice

channeling session

A wonderful opportunity to receive healing information and energies and to strengthen your voice and expression.

You get:

  • Inspiring Questions & Tipsto attunement

  • aprocess that is intuitively tailored to you

  • concreteAction Stepsandadvanced exercises


60-70 Minutes at €120


Expression Into Freedom

3 session packages

You want to go deeper?

Discover and express yourself even more?

This package is finely tuned to your needs.

Recommended in a time frame of 6 to 10 weeks, but can also go faster.

You get:

  • Inspiring Questions & Tipsfor attunement

  • Oneintuitive audio messagefrom me with first impressions, exercises before each session

  • 3 sessionsá 120 minutes 

  • concreteAction Stepsand aindividual tool box 




voice your vision

transformation program

What is the biggest miracle for you that can wait for you at the end of the program? During the individual

In a 3-month transformation program, you embark on something you've always wanted to do. I look forward to your miracle.


You will get: 


    Pre starter sessioná 90 minutes to clarify your desires and focus on your highest vision

  • 2 Deep Dive Sessions á 90 minutes / month

  • laser coaching calls,as required

  • Individual tool box

  • Extra Bonus: Sacred Online Space - for Q&A, channelings, empowerment and complementary exercises between sessions


3 months full time support: 

2400 €

The sessions include
following 4 elements:

Voice & Soul Reading

Empowering Your Voice and Spirit.

Receive valuable information on all areas of life that will help you immediately.

  • Discover the qualities of your voice and what it conveys.

  • Know yourself and your soul path

  • Find inner clarity and inspiration for your life and business

energy clearing

12-week mentoring program

Let go of inner limitations that your stand in the way of unique expression.

  • Discover the intuitive, healing knowledge of your voice

  • Clear your voice and energy field and increase your charisma

  • Integrate your soul aspects and experience wholeness and wellbeing


Journey to the potential of your subconscious and discover the healing power of your imagination.

  • Deepen the connection to your spiritual power

  • Open new spaces within you

  • Expand your spiritual awareness 

voice empowerment

Strengthen your voice and expression and communicate your truth effectively.

  • Unfold your unique, attractive vocal sound

  • Speak / sing confidently and expressively

  • Master your small and big performances and move hearts

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