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Freeing your own voice
means freeing your whole being.

My Methods

intuitively, energetically, versatilely

My voic empowerment work arose from my many years of experience as a singer, energy healer, medium and coach and my in-depth knowledge in the areas of voice development, acting, mental training, archetype & energy work and nutrition.

I offer you a a variety of exercises (see below) to accompany you holistically.

How I work:

I  work with my clairsenses and channeling abilities in a very solution-oriented manner. As a medium, I transmit you exactly what you need to give your voice and soul full expression. I am an appreciative mirror for you, so that you recognize yourself. What shall happen happens.


In addition, over the years I have learned to use my voice for you in a healing and at the same time empowering way. I speak the language of tones.


Before each session I connect with your energy / the energy of the group and determine first impressions and solution steps.

My tools at a glance;

versatile, flowing into each other

My Channeling Tools
  • Voice & Energy Readings:

I read your voice and energy, conveying the gathered information through descriptions. I also listen between the lines, taking into account other factors such as body language, non-verbal signals, and intuitive perception.

  • Direct Channeling:

I connect with spiritual, higher energies such as your guides, inner aspects, archetypes, the spirit of your voice, the frequency of money, etc., transmitting messages and healing energies.

  • Intuitive Toning & Singing:

I intuitively convey tones and melodies of your soul, simply resonating with what may be sounding within you, and invite you to echo them. It sounds freely.

  • Inspired Speaking:

I speak to you entirely intuitively, with a clear intention to inspire and empower you. My words are guided by a higher source of inspiration and intuition.

These channeling methods are complemented by Automatic Writing and the use of Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Versatile Exercises

  • Voice Exercises & Voice Energetic

(breathing- voice- und singing techniques, toning techniques, energetic tapping with voice, light language activation)

  • Energy Work with Archetypes

(meditations, archetypal sounds, rituals, healing prayers, role plays, acting exercises, dance)​​

  • Mental Training

(reflective questions, voice dialogue, visualizations, intuition & creative exercises​)

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