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Show yourself as you are.

Or be how you present yourself.


Frequently asked questions: 

  • What can you support me with?


Voice & Communication

Find your voice e.g. as a coach, speaker, man, woman etc

Strengthen and use your voice effectively

Use the healing power of your voice (trance speaking, soul song, light language) 

Illuminate blind spots in your voice and communication

Express feelings fluently with your voice

Put your talents into words

Transform your experiences and lessons into universal wisdom, concepts and solutions

Using emotional friction as fuel for growth and manifestation

Embody your soul role and magnetism

Optimize your appearances

Self-knowledge & self-love

Develop a deep understanding of yourself and your process

Live according to your needs and your rhythm

Let go of emotional baggage and inner pressure

Heal your inner child / become your own loving parent

Strengthen your self-esteem / trust yourself a lot more

Find peace with your past

Strengthen feminine / masculine essence

Dealing with high sensitivity


trust your intuition

Activate your resources (e.g. voice, willpower, power of feelings)

Create space and time for yourself

Consciously use your energy for what is important and valuable to you

Get into a creative flow

Create with passion

Take more risks

do your thing

  • What is the soul voice?

The soul voice is the voice that accompanies us from the beginning. It can also be called the highest self, the inner voice or the inner wisdom. The more we get to know deal with our inner voice, accept it, encourage it, the more deeply we connect with our original source and can thus effortlessly speak, sing, sound, play out of it. We express our highest potential. 

  • who comes to you

I work with people from different fields. Singers, speakers, teachers, healers, artists, employees, freelancers. Some want to perform effectively. Others express themselves more freely and creatively. What they all have in common: They want to fully develop their vocal and emotional potential, touch people deeply and shape their lives in a self-determined manner. They want to contribute to a much more beautiful, more conscious world.


  • Can charisma be learned?

When I say charisma, I mean your inner light body. A person's light body is a subtle field of our energy system, deeply connected to the primeval source. In him your divine light is manifested on earth. Over time, this lightbody within us has been manipulated and restricted. It has to be restored. By turning to your divine light, your light body will expand more and more. My work is therefore much more about letting go of all the programming and limitations in you, all the layers that cloud your charisma or distort your sound. It's about becoming aware of your inner light, remembering your spiritual self.  

  • I don't like my voice. can i change this

If you don't like your voice, there can be many reasons: you don't speak in your ideal pitch, you're not used to hearing yourself on recordings, your body is tense, etc. But it could also be that you always heard phrases like: "Can you please speak more quietly?!, I can't hear your voice anymore!", "Stop singing!", "Don't talk so much!" Just situations that build trust in your Your voice has dropped and maybe you have also started to withdraw vocally, taken over foreign energies, etc. And of course you can change this circumstance​, speaking in front of people, dissolving negative beliefs, learning to consciously change your sound .... are wonderful opportunities to fall in love more and more with the sound of your own voice and of course with yourself.  Because one thing is clear: your voice is unique and has a very special charm.

  • Do I have to sing in your class?

Of course not. We do exactly what is good for you. I have a variety of methods and techniques to strengthen your voice and expression. Singing and singing techniques are one of them. However, it has been scientifically proven that singing and toning makes you feel more confident, increases your creativity and strengthens your immune system. It activates the parasympathetic, which for relaxation and wellbeing  is responsible. It also strengthens your speaking voice and promotes your authentic expression of feelings.

  • What styles and areas  of singing do you teach?

I have been dealing with pop, jazz, chanson, latin, classical music and rap for more than 20 years. In my classes we discover and create your very own, unique, maybe even brand new ones Singing style. We will find the style that best suits your voice.

  • In certain situations I am speechless / I become quiet or I cannot express myself properly. Why is that?

When the voice fails, this often has psychological causes. We may have learned in childhood that raising our voice, speaking our truth, just being ourselves is not safe. But it can also be that the causes lie in a past life (let's think about terrible events such as burning witches, torture, etc. ... often speaking one's own truth meant death.) As soon as we remove the emotional blockages tracked down and have replaced, your voice can also sound freely in every situation.

  • I'm not a stage person and I don't intend to perform in front of people.Am I still right with you?

Stage presence is not only important for the stage. It's about being present, full and all  to stand by yourself, to develop a strong, actively felt charisma. Everything that serves you in life. 

  • Are Zoom Sessions As Effective As Live Sessions?

Definitely yes. When it comes to energy work, physical distance is irrelevant. I also get feedback from my clients again and again that the sessions are even more intense because they can relax faster and open up better in their familiar surroundings.

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