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The Sound of Your Soul

Voice Empowerment Retreat in Greece
Including Be A Strong Voice Workshops 
with Inés Kallab

An Unforgettable Journey ...

Does this sound like you?

You feel the deep wish within you to give a powerful voice to your heart's voice ?

To embody your truth and power and strengthen your self-determination?

To trust fully into your voice and expression?

Then you are in the right place!

To Grant Your Innermost Expression the Space It Truly Deserves.

Let's melt away what's blocking your expression. Let's make the gold in your voice and soul shine bright. Let's set things in motion, shall we?

Just imagine ...

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You find yourself in the mystical landscape of Greece, surrounded by enchanting nature and the presence of a 1000-year-old olive tree. This soulful environment speaks to you, and a gentle melody penetrates deep into your heart – the song of your soul. Brave and determined, you follow its tune.

Überschrift 3

Taking deep breaths, an inner strength awakens, and your voice and heart opens like never before. Nestled in the embrace of nature and amidst warm-hearted individuals, your essence is heard and nurtured, and your creativity begins to bloom in full.


As you fill the space with your magnificent presence and enchanting sound, you can already sense your visions taking shape. You're ready to let your voice resound with its full power and enrich the world with your unique expression. Your soul radiates with joy. But this is only the beginning of an unforgettable journey...

Together, we kindle a symphony of change. Like the rise of the Phoenix, we ascend in full splendor, melting away obstacles and letting the gold in our voices and souls shine. Be amazed by the hidden treasures slumbering within you and the infinite possibilities that will unfold for you.


Voice Empowerment with me as a Medium:
What makes my approach unique?


For more than 25 years, I've been on a journey to discover my voice, refining the skill to perceive and channel even the most subtle energies through my voice and body. Being a medium isn't just a profession; it's my true nature, filling me with genuine joy. I'm fully committed to being your clearest conduit, providing exactly what you need. I make daily efforts to nurture my mediumship and consistently learn.

A Strong Connection with the Spiritual and Archetypal Realms:

Moreover, I share a deep connection with my spiritual team and the realm of archetypes, particularly embracing the powerful Phoenix, Pegasus, the realm of Goddesses, and the healing presence of Angels.

An Abundant Offering of Support:

Throughout our shared journey, I bring a diverse range of skills in mediumship to assist you in fully expressing your voice and soul, and carrying your unique voice into the world.

From diverse energy channeling  and voice & energy reading to inspired speaking and potent activations – this journey awakens your voice and potential, setting energies into motion. In a voice & energy reading, I use my intuitive abilities not only to receive information but also to mirror your energetic state and aspects.


Special Highlight: Channeling your deepest soul tones and melodies

Also through the language of light. Together, we express these frequencies through toning, tinging, and unleash your highest potential.


Enriching the Path Ahead:

To enhance our journey together, I incorporate various methods such as vocal exercises, creative approaches, voice & movement, dreamwork, inner journeys, journaling, theater work, and rituals.


Benefits may include

Nach 7 Tagen, eingetaucht in die heilende und mystische Kraft deiner Stimme und deiner Seele, wirst du ...

- dich viel leichter fühlen, da du eine tiefere Verbindung mit dir selbst und deiner Stimme spürst, die dich mit einem Gefühl der inneren Ruhe und Gelassenheit erfüllt.

- total inspiriert, erfüllt und lebendig sein, da du neue Ebenen der Kreativität entdeckst und auslebst.

- ein gestärktes Selbstvertrauen in deine Stimme und deine Ausdrucksfähigkeit haben, da du deine Stimme auf vielfältige Weise erforscht und erweitert hast.

- die transformierende Kraft deiner Stimme - im Einklang mit deiner Intuition erfahren, die nicht nur dich selbst, sondern auch die Menschen um dich herum inspiriert und berührt.

- ein tiefes Verständnis für deine Gefühle und innere Welt entwickeln und ganz neue Facetten und Potenziale von dir entdeckt und freigesetzt haben.


Während dieser Reise berühren wir Themen wie Selbstliebe, SelbstbeSTIMMung, Herzenskommunikation, Ausrichtung und die Realisierung deiner Träume. Darüber hinaus werde ich ganz intuitiv auf die Bedürfnisse und Themen der Gruppe eingehen.  Gemeinsam erschaffen wir einen Raum für transformative Erfahrungen und persönliches Wachstum.

The Location

Our group will be accommodated at the beautiful Mazi Center, nestled in the heart of Messinia, at a truly soulful location. We will be the exclusive guests at the center, allowing us to relax and have a safe space for letting go.


This venue is situated atop a hill, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the sea and mountains. A unique sense of tranquility and beauty surrounds this place, providing support and inspiration during our shared days.


The nearest beach village is Petalidi, approximately 3 km away. While there's no direct transportation to the site, a taxi from the village to the center costs around 5 Euros.


Visit the link to the center:


Join us at the Mazi Center

Dates, Schedule & Prices

My retreat takes center stage, preceded and followed by my 'Be A Strong Voice' workshop. Here's a comprehensive overview:

Be A Strong Voice Workshops
29.September - 1.Oktober

If you want to strengthen your voice and unleash your expressive power, the 'Be A Strong Voice Workshop' is the right choice. It's also a wonderful opportunity to enhance and deepen the retreat experience.

Voice Empowerment Retreat: The Sound of Your Soul
7.-13. October 2023

In the retreat, we have more space and time, as the soul often needs time to settle in. This retreat is designed for those who seek a deeper connection and are open to diving even deeper into the journey of self-expression and the sound of their soul.


Ein stimmgewaltiges Medium.


Powerful. Ein stimmgewaltiges Medium, das mit Weisheit und Tönen viel im (Energie-)Körper der Menschen bewegt, aufbricht, in Harmonie bringt.​

Barbara Sultrich


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