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What if ...

... if you didn‘t hold yourself back or play small? If you would freely express YOURSELF and creativity, who would you be? What would you bring into the world?

My journey to the voice

The Vocal Academy as a Catalyst for Inner Unfolding

From childhood, I was highly sensitive, perceiving shadows, conversing with light beings, and sensing energies. My mother often remarked to me, puzzled: 'You're from another planet.' I frequently felt desperate, depressed, lost, and out of place, faced with much rejection and no space for my own expression. A deep longing to sing and express myself creatively always resonated within me. However, I early on experienced that creativity and art were not valued. So, I resisted opening up to this path for a long time.

I began studying psychology but found no fulfilling answers there, dropping out after obtaining my first diploma. Concurrently, I enjoyed working in the 'down-to-earth' hospitality industry and repeatedly found myself in situations where I could 'read' guests. Yet, the feeling of despair persisted, and when the pain became unbearable, the answer to my question came: I learned about the Vocal Academy for singers. Thus, I overcame my inner resistance and enrolled.

Fortunately, I had a teacher who was very intuitive. We had many profound conversations because I was barely able to sing. My voice and heart were deeply blocked. During a body journey, I consciously visited my heart for the first time and was overwhelmed. My heart began to reopen. Much anger and suppressed emotions surfaced; I cried a lot. I chose to delve even deeper within and explore my voice holistically.

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Messages from a Medium: Awakening My Inner Mystic

I began to remember that as a young girl, I always wanted to become an actress and started my acting studies. Discovering the power of my voice led me further to the School of Speech, and soon I was working as a radio host. However, something was missing, and the despair became unbearable. In addition to my emotional issues, I was plagued by spiritual attacks and poltergeists, without the possibility of talking to anyone about it. In a moment of desperation, I cried out for help in my favorite clearing near my parents' house, which later turned out to be a part of the Camino de Santiago.


A few days later, I received a call that a medium from Brazil was in Vienna and had one spot left. In this session, I received information about my future training as an Integrative Voice Trainer. From that moment on, I consciously chose the path of light and began my training. The spiritual attacks ceased, and for the first time, I delved into the healing aspect of my own voice in connection with energy work – the mystic within me was ignited.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I began to shine more and more.


A profound purification process began. Self-doubt, depressive moods, lots of tears, and frequent vomiting accompanied me. After completing my training, I started working as a voice trainer and performing as a singer, but conventional entertainment didn't fulfill me. Determined to go deeper, I sought support from a coach from Los Angeles and expanded my work as a life coach. Additionally, I completed my coaching training in New York. Yet, something was still missing.


My inner voice told me to do nothing and to go through the darkness. In three intense nights, I confronted fears and experienced a spiritual encounter with God. Soon after, my mediumship intensified. People in my work experienced energetic shifts, and I began to use my healing abilities through laying on of hands. I expanded my work as an energy healer (Human Energy Worker in Austria). Realizing I was an empath was an aha moment, and I learned to consciously manage my energy perception.

At the same time, I continued to experience dark nights with intense headaches and nausea, where I had to vomit repeatedly. The thought of admitting myself to a psychiatric hospital came and went.

But after each crisis, I felt more powerful and lighter than ever. I increasingly raised my voice and let it sound powerfully, while my mediumship deepened. Sometimes there were still spiritual attacks, but my inner strength grew steadily, and soon they stopped. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I transformed my often leaden state into a state of joy. I began to shine more and more."

What if ...

mit intuitiver Beratung

... if you didn‘t hold yourself back or play small? If you would freely express YOURSELF and creativity, who would you be? What would you bring into the world?

What if ...

... if you didn‘t hold yourself back or play small? If you would freely express YOURSELF and creativity, who would you be? What would you bring into the world?

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