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Magical Voice Alchemy Journey full of Possibilities

To Open and Activate your True Voice and Creative Expression

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... lies a unique melody – a voice waiting to be carried out into the world.

​Nothing fulfills me more than experiencing with you how you fill the space with your true sound and greatness, and your life starts to move.


After more than 24 years of working with coaches, mediums, healers, and artists, I have developed a highly intuitive sense of what you need and which small change can make a difference.


Here are possibilities I can support you:

  •  better perceive yourself and your energy, activate and clear your energy field,​ and enhance your intuitive abilities,

  • gently shed the layers to uncover your natural voice and essence, leading to deep inner well-being and wholeness within yourself and with your body,

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem in both professional and personal contexts.

  • Speak and sing from your heart, strengthen your vocal and communication skills to reach and touch people in your unique way.

  • foster creative potential flow to flow freely, allowing yourself to birth from your innermost being, what fully aligns with you,

  • create your life with joy and ease, just the way you like it.



Ultimately, you want to fully express the beauty and uniqueness of your soul.

Discover your true voice.

Ignite your soul fire.

Be a voice, not just an echo.


My work goes far beyond improving your physical voice.



Here are a few examples of what clients say:


"My readings are always on point. You have a special way of sensing and perceiving me." ​

"You have the power to touch with your voice and initiate healing processes."

"Through the sessions, I can stand in my supernatural self and speak freely about it. My voice is back." ​


"I trust my inner voice. No matter how loud the external voices, I know who I am." ​


"I came as an insecure girl, left as a confident woman." ​


"You helped me the most during my burnout." ​


"My voice sounds different now. I've never sounded like this before." ​


"Now I burn for myself and my soul." ​


"A new world, a new space has opened up. Something amazing happened today." ​


"I feel the power, the shifts." ​


"A big stone has started rolling." ​ 


"I could let myself fall, like I haven't been able to in a long time."

"I didn't expect that today. I feel different. I feel the naturalness of my voice."

Let us awaken your creative potential.

Show your radiant greatness.


Wow, did we do all this in one session?!! I could feel the energetic shifts immediately. I feel a new power.

It is also fascinating how you can access my world of thoughts. You are the most intuitive woman I know. You radiate feminine power.

Inés is a wonderfully magical and intuitive soul companion who can hear every subtle nuance in your voice and gently yet powerfully guides you through a transformation to your heart voice. I already understood in the first session even more clearly who I want to be on the big stage of life and what I want to bring to the world here. I am very grateful that there are people like Inés. They help us not only to develop our vocal potential, but also to find our full expression with our destiny. Thank you, dear Inés, for your patient and sensitive support. You are a gift

Asim Aliloski

Speaker & Coach


My support is completely tailored to your individual needs.


Healing, intuitive conversations, trance meditations, vocal toning, tapping, breathwork, and more.

 ... we do exactly what feels right and elevates your vibration.

With me by your side as your mirror, your catalyst, your voice medium.


Things start moving.


Before we collaborate, let's schedule a complimentary discovery call to get to know each other better. This will help me understand more about you and how I can best support you.

Experience a loving space of healing and transformation

A magical world of endless possibilities.


The session was the most intense transformation process I have ever experienced. My whole body reacted.

In the process, deep inner resistance came up, through which Inés guided me very skilfully. Through her questions, she allowed images to come to the surface that I had no idea about before. She has uncovered aspects of me that have long been deeply buried. All this is a great gift.

I felt very well held and safe the whole time. Her voice and presence is very soothing and I felt every minute that she knew exactly what she was doing.​

Linda Wawrzinek

Speaker & Coach


Online auf Zoom

Going Deeper Packages: 3-6  Sessions

3 sessions €660 (instead of €720) 6 sessions €1200 (instead of €1440)


Usually to make a change can take some time. My packages are a great start!


Included in the package: Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, my preparation, online sessions (duration: approximately 90 minutes; we finish when we reach a good point), tailored exercises, recordings of your sessions. If you have any questions between sessions, I am here for you. Sessions take place every 2-3 weeks to ensure continuous progress. Of course, a faster pace is also possible.

Inquire via E-Mail


Exclusive Intensive Mentoring

Do you want to shed your old identity and rebirth yourself into your highest version?


With my strong intuition and energetic sensitivity, I will hold space for you over a period of 6 months, allowing for a deep transformation that enables you to create more abundance, opportunities, and synchronicities in your life.

Inquire via E-Mail




Exclusive 1-on-1 Retreat in Greece


A wonderful opportunity to completely step out of your everyday life and renew and realign yourself in the beautiful nature of Greece. .

Inquire via E-Mail

Feel free to schedule a complimentary initial conversation with me if you're interested.

(Duration: approximately 30 minutes)



Complimentary Discovery Call

It’s incredibly important to me that before we make the commitment to work together, we we have a personal conversation to get to know each other better so I can learn more about you and you can experience me and how I work to make sure we’re a good fit


Feel free to write me!



True midwifery work! I truly feel like I have become a different person.


I love your warmth, determination, and the clarity with which you have guided me through the processes. You know exactly what fits at the moment. Your intuition is simply brilliant. Gentle and giving space when needed, reinforcing, pushing, and assertive when I tried to avoid or evade. True midwifery work!

The process I have undergone is a miracle for me. It was a very powerful process with tangible results. I truly feel like I have become a different person. I have experienced a deep, complete opening. Many inner sacred spaces have been unlocked within me. Something magical has been resolved. I feel strong and ready for my new life. I feel happy, very alive, and confident on my path. I experience much more freedom in everyday life.

In this, Inés' voice is a very special factor for me, having its own effect - I experienced it as her instrument with which she reached my soul core. I didn't know before that a voice itself could have such an impact.

Janna Steinberg-Simoneit


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