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"I have multiple passions and don‘t know what to focus on" (here is what you can do.)

Updated: May 15

Do you know this feeling? You have many ideas, interests, and talents. One day you want to do one thing, the next day something different. You jump from one idea to the next, and you know you're good at everything. But at the end of the day, you don't follow through on any of it, and all that remains is the feeling of frustration, this creative block within you, and the realization that once again, you haven't expressed your passions.

I know this feeling all too well. I've felt like my life has been a long journey of figuring out how to live all my talents and passions and let my creative energy flow freely. I've often felt very desperate and frustrated until I realized that I can live everything if I learn to channel my energy and direct my diverse interests into one direction. Finding my own creative voice has been and still is a process of discovery, letting go, and rediscovery. But through this process, I've learned that it's possible to unite all my talents and passions when I focus on one thing and find a creative outlet for all my passions, what truly makes my heart sing.

I promise you, if you do this exercise, you will feel clear immediately. After this exercise, you will know exactly what your creative outlet is and what you want to focus on in the near future. Trust me. This exercise works. I tried it myself. :)

It's also worth to repeat this exercise once in a while to delve deeper into your core.

So, here we go:

1. Answer the following questions:

  1. 4 people you’d like to help

  2. 4 habits you’d like to develop

  3. 4 gifts you can give the world

  4. 4 places you’d like to travel to

  5. 4 ways your life could end up

  6. 4 versions of yourself you can be

  7. 4 projects you’d like to finish now

  8. 4 skills / hobbies you’d like to learn

  9. 4 charities you can involve yourself in

  10. 4 things you do that really turns you on

  11. 4 changes you’d like to make in your life

  12. 4 ways you could make the world see you

  13. 4 ways you can make your true self proud

  14. 4 things you can do that makes you money now

  15. 4 things you’d do if you had all the money you need

  16. 4 things you can do so much better than most people

2. From each response, choose ONE answer where you feel the most energy

It's helpful to ask yourself with each response which one resonates the most on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of energy. This will provide you with immediate clarity.

Afterward, summarize all responses to create an overview for yourself.

3. Now, summarize those responses under the following 6 categories:

My new self-concept:

Example: "I am a successful writer. I am radiant, charismatic, inspiring, etc."

My creative project:

Example: "I am creating a music album, book, course, show, etc."

My desired change:

(Also write here why this change also helps you achieve your other goals.)

Example: "I am in a fulfilling romantic relationship. As a result, I radiate more positivity and become more attractive to my clients."

People I want to serve:

Example: "I serve people who are experiencing burnout."

How I serve people / What I offer:

Example: "I offer them a self-help book, a course, etc."

My social contribution:

Example: "I support an animal shelter by donating a portion of my earnings."

I'm glad if the exercise has helped you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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