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Inés Kallab

Empower Your Voice and Life Retreat in Greece -
with the Power of Phoenix

7.-13. Oktober 2023

An Unforgettable Journey with Extraordinary Women ...

Dear heartfelt woman,

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt project with you.

What makes this retreat experience truly special for you? 

- YOU: With your presence, your story, your experiences, your wisdom. What you will birth and express on this retreat is an enrichment of immeasurable value to us.

- My intuitive gift, coupled with my nurturing heart energy and creative inspiration, allows me to offer you a very loving and flexible guidance on an unforgettable journey where we will connect with the renewing energy of the Phoenix.

- I offer a highly versatile energy and light work, where we explore the mystery of our own voice. This encompasses channeling, intuitive toning, light language, word magic, rituals, acting, and creative writing.

- The location itself bestows a magical touch to this retreat. It truly is a beautiful place where you can let your soul sing to its heart's content.


All your concerns and topics are welcome and will be heard.

That is my promise for you. Together, we'll create a very special experience.

Here are some examples to give you a sense:

Finding your voice in life: Why are you here?

- Self love - self expression- self determination / standing confidently in your true self

- Speaking / singing from the heart / filling the space with your shining presence

- Cultivating profound trust in yourself and your voice

- Magical toning from the wisdom of your womb

- Emotional liberation / Letting go of what holds you back / giving voice to all your, also silenced aspects

-- Walking your soul's path - No longer letting the opinions of others and toxic people hold you back

- Unleashing your inner artist and fully embracing your creativity 

- Creating space for more joy, and lightness and slowing down

- Clearing your Heart's vision and alignment

Come with me trough the phoenix fire!

Let's gently and lovingly melt away whatever is holding you back and make the gold within your voice and soul shine bright!

Let's set things in motion!

Just imagine ...

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English Version
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You find yourself in the mystical landscape of Greece, surrounded by enchanting nature and the presence of a 1000-year-old olive tree, watching over us. This soulful environment speaks to you, and a gentle melody penetrates deep into your heart – the song of your soul. Brave and determined, you follow its tune.

Überschrift 3

Taking deep breaths, an inner strength awakens, and your voice and heart opens like never before. Nestled in the embrace of nature and among warm-hearted people, your essence is heard and nourished, revealing to us the unique sound of your soul.



As you fill the space with your magnificent presence and enchanting sound, you deeply touch our hearts. You can already feel your visions taking shape. You are ready to let your voice resound with all its power and enrich the world with your unique expression. Your soul radiates with joy. But this is only the beginning of an unforgettable journey...

Together, we ignite a symphony of change. Much like the rise of the Phoenix, we ascend in full glory, melting obstacles away and allowing the gold within our voices and souls to shine. Be amazed by the hidden treasures that slumber within you, and the unforeseen opportunities that will unfold for you.


Voice Empowerment with me as a Medium
What makes my approach unique?


Hi, I‘m Inés! Medium, Voice Empowerment Coach, Singer


For more than 25 years, I've been on a journey to discover my voice, refining the skill to perceive and channel even the most subtle energies through my voice and body. Being a medium isn't just a profession; it's my true nature, filling me with genuine joy. I am fully committed to being the best, highest channel for you and providing you with a sacred container. I make daily efforts to nurture my mediumship and consistently learn.

I am very sensitive, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. I share a deep connection with my spiritual team and the realm of archetypes, particularly embracing the powerful Phoenix, Pegasus, the realm of Goddesses, and the healing presence of Angels.

What Makes My Approach Unique: Voice and Soul in Alignment

1. Exploring the Deeper Meaning of the Voice:

To me, vocal work goes beyond mere physical improvement. It's an invitation to discover your voice in life, which in turn means stepping into your full power, expressing your inner truth and destiny, and walking your path with self-determination. All this, using your voice as an outlet. This journey is one of self-discovery and self-empowerment. On one hand, it involves aligning your inner voice, your soul's voice with your physical voice. On the other, it's about discovering and using your voice as a powerful tool for healing, self-expression, and empowerment.

​2. My Gift of Mediumship:

Throughout our shared journey, I bring a diverse range of skills in mediumship to support you in fully expressing your voice and soul and carrying your unique voice into the world. From diverse channelings and energy transmissions to voice & energy readings and intuitive mirroring, as well as inspired speaking and potent activations – this journey awakens your voice and your potential, setting energies into motion. I can attune to various energetic realms for you, channeling precisely what's relevant for you – be it your inner aspects, soul, spiritual guides, or future self etc. 


Special Highlight: Channeling your deepest soul tones and melodies, even through the language of light. Together, we express these frequencies through toning and singing, unlocking your highest potential.

​3. A Variety of Methods:

To enrich our collective journey, I integrate diverse methods. These include vocal exercises, voice & movement, dream work, inner journeys, channeling practices, energy tools, journaling, rituals, as well as creative approaches like dance, singing, writing, and theater work. Additionally, I also receive exercises from the spiritual realm. My methods are applied intuitively.


What you will experience:

Individual Channelings just for You

Receive solutions, wisdom, healing frequencies, and vocal tonings that move you forward—Get exactly what benefits your voice and expression the most.

Channel Your Unique Soul Expression

Utilize your intuition and channeling abilities to find your authentic voice and express your most juicy sensual self, experience pure joy as you let out everything that's within you and enjoy your body.

Speak from Your Heart

while strengthening your vocal and communicative skills. Let your heart shine and make it resonate through your voice and words. Touch us with your rich emotions.


Activate Your Voice & Potentials

including the awakening of your creativity, learn to use your voice as an amazing instrument for yourself and empowerment and get things moving.


Experience Profound Transformation

including embracing your inner child, melting blockages, and nurturing deep self-love and self-acceptance.

Feel Empowered & Awakened

Walk your path empowered, shining and full of new energy, ready to carry your voice into the world in your own unique way, – supported by a strong self-confidence and paving the way to your radiant future.

The location:

Our group will be accommodated at the beautiful Mazi Center, nestled in the heart of Messinia, at a truly soulful location. We will be the exclusive guests at the center, allowing us to relax and have a safe space for letting go.


This venue is situated atop a hill, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the sea and mountains. A unique sense of tranquility and beauty surrounds this place, providing support and inspiration during our shared days.


The nearest beach village is Petalidi, approximately 3 km away. While there's no direct transportation to the site, a taxi from the village to the center costs around 5 Euros.


Visit the link to the center:


Activities -

Guided by Group Energy

Crafted in a flexible and intuitive manner: I let myself be inspired from the unique energies of the group. Additionally, spontaneous exercises emerge in the moment or are received beforehand. This ensures that each event becomes a unique experience within a well-structured framework, nurturing the natural flow of your voice and expression.

Morning Sound and Dance Alignment

Begin your day in a marvelous way. Utilize the intuitive wisdom of your voice to align yourself with your highest potential. Consciously perceive your emotions and set clear intentions. Together, let's tap into the wonder of this day.

Voice Empowerment Sessions

Offering a balanced blend of relaxation and activation, tailored to the present needs. These sessions encompass a diverse array of elements, including vocal exercises, intuitive vocal toning, call & response, light language, working with power words, archetypal work, channeling exercises, inner journeys, theatrical work, and rituals.We empower both your inner and outer voice.

Voice & Wisdom Circle

A wonderful opportunity to wind down in the evening or intermittently share our stories and processes. The healing power of open exchange and speaking allows us to voice and release, opening our hearts. Completing this is in our shared toning and a profound immersion into silence.

Come join us at the Mazi Center

Dates, Schedule & Prices

Retreat Schedule & Price List
Early Bird is still valid!

You sense the resonance? You're already feeling the magic... do you have questions? Feel free to ask me any question.
Let‘s have a Zoom Call.

Practical Informations:

Do I have to sing. Do I need to be able to sing?

I deeply believe that we all have the ability to sing. It's the most natural desire. However, of course, you don't have to sing if you don't want to. Primarily, it's about tuning into your inner voice, recognizing your current needs, and allowing the intuitive wisdom of your voice to guide you. It's about understanding what your voice requires and yearns to express.


Many of my clients had limited prior experience with their own voices and were surprised by the powerful voice within them. This discovery often happened in remarkably short periods. Additionally, barriers dissolved rapidly. Throughout this process, I create a mindful space where you can feel yourself and your voice, expressing what resonates with you. In the end, we will sound like angels and be tuned in a way like never before.


Recommended items to bring:

Loose and light clothing, flashlight (if available), mosquito repellent, driver's license (if you wish to rent local transportation), water bottle, sunscreen, something for writing. If you want you can also bring songs and lyrics to work with.


Booking Accommodation:

You are warmly invited to stay at the Mazi Center. If accommodations are not available there, we are happy to assist you in finding suitable lodging in Petalidi.


Getting to Greece and the Mazi Center:

I recommend booking a flight to Athens or Kalamata and renting a car. It's about a 3-hour drive from Athens to the Mani Center (the highway is very pleasant to drive). From Kalamata to the Mani Center, it's about half an hour.


The retreat and the workshops will be conducted in english, unless all participants are german speaker.


Cancellation Fees:

Sometimes plans change – in such cases, the following fees apply to cover costs already incurred with the processing of your booking: A fee of 50% of the first payment applies if a booking is canceled before September 10, 2023. After this date, no refund is possible, but you can transfer your booking to another person.


A powerful medium with a strong voice ...


... that moves, breaks up and harmonizes a lot in the (energy) body of people with her wisdom and vocal toning. 

Barbara Sultrich


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