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Empower Your Voice and Life with us
comfortably from home

Online Courses

Samstag, 6. Juli, 11-18 Uhr, Zoom

In a circle of like-minded people ...

... discover the power of your voice and express yourself in your full greatness.

Enthusiastic Voices


Magdalena Lisson

I came as an insecure girl and left as a confident woman. I truly found my strong, confident voice. It was genuinely an empowerment at the highest level.

What I liked most was your selfless and intuitive approach. It's powerful and authentic, natural, without judgment. Everything always came at the right moment, addressing the soul that needed it – through your sensitivity, openness to the spiritual world, and your conscious awareness of the earthly.

I am infinitely glad I followed my inner voice and said 'Yes' to this extraordinary retreat. This spiritual journey with you was the greatest gift.


Gerlinde Rausch

It was fantastic. One enters into an intense connection with the element of the voice, letting it resonate through one's own chakras. The power of the voice is truly essential. I am now integrating it into my energy work, giving it much greater strength. The healing frequencies reach my counterpart much faster than mere thoughts without voice.

The work also supports the acceptance of one's own self-expression: How do I truly express myself? One learns to appreciate their own voice and to experiment with it. A true joy in experimenting arises. Just being, as I am. Being able to contribute ideas, communicate needs. This, too, has much to do with voice work.


Inés's strength lies in her empathetic perception of each individual and her intuition for what the group truly needs. She listens unconditionally to higher guidance and fully surrenders to it, thereby enabling the best for all of us.


Janna Steinberg-Simoneit

Inés hat die Fähigkeit auf achtsame Weise innere, heilige Räume zu öffnen, in denen sich das Wesen und die Vielschichtigkeit deiner eigenen Stimme eindrucksvoll und unvergessen entfalten kann.


Dabei begleitet sie dich behutsam und liebevoll durch diese Räume. Im Ganzen entsteht ein sehr kraftvoller Wachstums- und Entwicklungsprozess mit konkreten Ergebnissen.


Dabei ist ihre Stimme für mich ein ganz besonderer Faktor, der durch sich selbst wirkt - ich habe sie als ihr Instrument erlebt, mit dem sie meinen Seelenkern erreicht hast. Ich wußte vorher nicht, dass eine Stimme an sich solch eine Wirkung haben kann.

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