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Discover Your True Voice
Awaken Your Soul‘s Expression 

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My sessions are a mixture of intuitive conversation, energy healing and the healing power of the voice. 


Therefore, your physical voice, as a reflection of your soul, becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and for touching deeper layers within yourself trough soft vocal toning.

In a safe space, you can "voice" anything that moves you. During our time together, I allow healing energies to flow through me and energetically support you with my voice. I also receive healing sounds to transmit. These are not just "sounds," but deep messages that can initiate healing processes on a vibrational level.

What You Can Experience:

  • Clear blocks around your self-expression and the use of your voice, whether in speaking, singing, writing, or expressing your own truth.
  • Discover the unique sound of your voice, its healing power and its intuitive knowledge
  • Recognize yourself and your inner aspects – integrate all parts of your being.

  • Become more aware of your energy and the impulses of your soul

  • Individually channeled healing sounds and Voice and Energy Activations

that you can use for yourself after the session

In your speaking and the sound of your voice
all the answer lies.


Inés can touch you with your voice and initiate healing processes. 

For me, it was a very special session. Never before could I sing along so freely, listen so deeply, and be guided along. Your voice is so powerful and reflected my inner processes. You met me exactly where I was. I felt embraced and guided. So grounded, so understood. Thank you for guiding me so wonderfully through the session with singing and channeling. It brought new topics to light that I can now work through.

Inés can connect with you in no time. She can perceive where you currently stand, how you are feeling, and what issues you are currently dealing with. Inés can touch you with her voice, take you along, and initiate healing processes if you are open to it. And all this with an incredibly strong presence.

Elvira Wiest


Greater wholeness and well-being, speak and present confidently, perceive yourself better, recognize your purpose, gain new perspectives, let your creativity flow, and experience greater resonance?

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of what’s possible. All your topics and questions are welcome and open our minds. Everything is within you. Everything is possible. The more open you are, the more can move.

After the session, you will feel clearer, lighter, more alive, and empowered— with a free and strong voice.

In the space of possibilities and change, we let ourselves be surprised by the wisdom of your voice and soul.


The empathic and empowering way Inés guides the session is brilliant.

I just listened again to the recording of your healing song, and it's incredible what it evokes in me. It immediately takes me into my light body, and it feels like coming home. Particularly impressive was feeling my 'New Self' next to me. After the session, I immediately placed a chair there and sat down, feeling all the positive and healing attributes within me.

The empathetic and empowering way Inés guides the session is brilliant! She always met me exactly where I needed to be. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. She senses the energies present and communicates them clearly and effectively. The magic still lingers, and the singing resonates - so beautiful and touching.


Gerlinde Rausch


Online via Zoom

Summer Special:

90 minutes: €120 instead of €240

(Session ends at a good point.)


You will receive a PDF via email in advance to prepare for your session. Before the session begins, there is plenty of time for you to arrive calmly. Recording of the session is welcome.

For request, please email​​


I also highly recommend exploring my private mentoring offers, as long-term transformation often requires more time.


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